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March CD Reviews – Alex Ward, Slumgum, Jason Robinson, Issie Barratt et al

Alex Ward’s Predicate Same (FMR CD318-0811)

PredicateAlex Ward (g, comp),Tim Hill (as, bs), Dominic Lash (b), Mark Sanders (d). Rec. September 2010.

This came out a while back but has just come my way. Imagine jazz-rock never drifted into fusion but continued its progress down the dark, unexplored by-ways of jazz. That’s what you get here. Not without precedent, perhaps. Ray Russell’s Rites and Rituals and Live at the ICA, Last Exit, Metheny and Coleman’s Song X might provide reference points – but no more than that. This is a reminder that music this visceral, this wild and cathartic is still an option. Continue reading

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“New Routes through an Ancient Landscape” – Russian Saxophonist Alexey Kruglov

Excessive praise can damn a fledgling career.  Yet there are occasions when a critic hears a new voice that is just that – that is different, distinctive and even dissident.  I hesitate to say it but Russian saxophonist Alexey Kruglov may just be all these. Continue reading

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