Congratulations. Against all the odds, you have fetched up on my website. Maybe you’re wondering what kind of arrogance prompted me to set up a website, let alone imagine other people might visit it. Put simply, I’d been writing about jazz and free improvisation for a decade and a half and had just published my second book. Despite that, opportunities to write about different areas of the music don’t always come your way. I get sent CDs and go to gigs but often don’t get the chance to review these or write about the many fine musicians I come across.

I wanted to create a space where I could talk about the music in ways that express what I feel about it. It has always been my suspicion that potential fans shy away from jazz because they don’t quite know what it stands for. It’s a case of both value and values. For me, jazz is first and foremost internationalist music. It’s also a socially conscious music – one where its ideals go against many of those that seem to dominate in our world. This website represents an attempt to talk about jazz and other sorts of related music in ways that reflect all of this. I hope you’ll visit from time to time and I hope you enjoy it.